Program Management

Transformation Design and Program Management

WHAT IF YOU COULD accelerate the implementation of new business practices to drive sustainable growth? With Four Quad, you can.

Four Quad jumpstarts and accelerates operational and organizational transformation through lean initiatives, improvement teams, behavioral change strategies and training programs. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with your team on the ground floor, and sometimes below, Four Quad delivers an agile, innovation-driven organization.

Designing and implementing transformation roadmap and blueprints enables you to set the course for change within your organization. Addressing people, management systems and processes concurrently, we will transform your organization through a change-capable and highly engaged workforce.

Four Quad’s delivers process improvements on time and under budget, resulting in a culture that inspires innovation and propels top-line growth.

Examples of Four Quad’s capabilities:

  •     PMO

  •     Shut down / turn around

  •     Project ramp up

  •     Lean start-up

  •     Post-merger integration

  •     Risk mitigation and management

  •     Internal CPI

  •     Jumpstart internal improvement teams

What if you could inspire your organization to embrace a culture of continuous change?

Four Quad integrates the essential capabilities of knowledge, collaboration and engagement into the fabric of your culture to change the way your people perform.

What if you could hire, develop and retain talent that powers your growth?

Four Quad transforms your organization by engaging head, heart and hands – empowering your people to think big and act now to accelerate change.