Industry – Manufacturing

FQ supports large and small manufacturers to gain significant competitive advantages for each segment of its business. Over time, the diversification of products, solutions and the recent expansion of sales in multiple markets led to a more complex business environment. As a result, there was a need for appropriate tools that would offer accurate planning features and short interval controls. Providing new ideas that could improve inventory management, enable aggressive forecasting and reduce the need for working capital. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), component supplier, commercial vehicle manufacturer or a distribution channel partner, Four Quad teams with leaders in the Manufacturing sector to:

  •     maximize current assets

  •     improve quality

  •     enhance supplier performance

  •     reduce machine time

  •     reduce storage and transportation costs

  •     reduce labor costs

  •     increase throughput

  •     optimize inventory

  •     build an agile organization

  •     reduce energy costs

By increasing operational flexibility and embracing the disruptions in digitization, automation and IoT, Four Quad has the know-how to help clients adapt quickly to the automotive sector’s price, quality and delivery requirements to compete profitably and position for growth.